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If you are unsure if you should get first aid training, please remember this fact; roughly one third of Canadians will at some time perform  first aid in their lifetime.  The majority of these first aid emergencies will involve helping a loved one or family member.  With this being said, Nosh Safety prides itself on providing a first aid instructional experience second to none. Our attention to detail combined with an enthusiastic and motivational teaching approach, makes for  very rewarding first aid courses that meet all required mandates of certification. In addition, our scenario based learning ensures that you will be ready to effectively deal with any real world first aid emergency. 

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​Our team is enthusiastically committed to making Nosh Safety  a leader in the field of First Aid instruction.  We have been actively involved in building and presenting Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) certified first aid courses for the past 20 years. Our company is unique in the ability to offer a wide variety of first aid courses in a scenario based package. We have have all currently been certified to teach Fentanyl/Opioid, as well as Dental First Aid. We are always receptive to first aid inquiries, and look forward to serving you to the best of our ability.

We have taught first aid courses to a variety of businesses ranging from Volker Stevin Contracting to the Lethbridge Public School System. The reviews given from all the participants has always been positive; “this is the best first aid class we have ever taken.” NOSH Safety Instructors teach with the desire to give participants an interesting, hands on, scenario based course.  

Our NOSH Safety team is selected for their teaching ability and are all professionally trained teachers with over 50 years of first aid and teaching experience. The expertise we provide in both the field of first aid and teaching excellence will make the difference between remembering what to do in an emergency situation and freezing up. 


Research shows the human brain starts to suffer permanent damage in as little as four minutes without oxygen.  Within these moments, there are key skills that any person can learn with confidence to reduce the trauma for the victim.  A first aid course can be life changing because knowing how, when and why to do first aid is not only a potentially lifesaving skill, but provides personal and professional growth for the person learning it. 

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