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 IFA Course (Level C CPR/AED) - July 202024 8:15-4:15 pm

Availability of courses may vary due to summer schedule

Please contact us for more information

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Don't worry,

we keep a sterile environment


first aid courses lethbridge

Covid Update 

Effective immediately as of January 1, 2023 until further notice

In order to make everyone comfortable, the following precautions are still in place:  


  • Masking will be supported 

  • All participants will get their own training equipment

If you require further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at


We offer courses in the lethbridge and calgary regions.
To book a course, email us

INTERMEDIATE First Aid - Blended

INTERMEDIATE First Aid Recertification


Level C CPR 

Healthcare Provider & CPR

BASIC First Aid

Basic First aid - Blended

Childcare Intermediate First aid - Blended

first aid courses lethbridge

Covid Update

Effective immediately as of January 1, 2023 until further notice

In order to make everyone comfortable, the following precautions are still in place:  


  • Masking will be supported 

  • All participants will get their own training equipment

If you require further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Meet the team
First Aid Lethbridge

Meet The Team

Rob Jetten first aid instructor

Rob Jetten

Rob Jetten, owner, and head instructor at NOSH Safety, brings over 20 years of dedicated experience in first aid instruction. His passion for teaching stems from his education degree earned with distinction from the University of Lethbridge. Rob's teaching career spans 30 years, during which he has imparted knowledge in Biology at the high school level. Renowned for his engaging teaching style, Rob's commitment to excellence has earned him multiple nominations for teaching awards, including a recognition as a semi-finalist for Alberta Teacher of the Year. When not in the classroom, Rob cherishes quality time with his family—his wife Kelly and their two sons, Nolan and Shaun. An avid advocate for personal fitness, Rob has conquered numerous Ironman Triathlons, showcasing his dedication and resilience. He eagerly anticipates the opportunity to serve you with utmost dedication and expertise in first aid training.

Gil Perrron first aid instructor

Gil Perron

Gilbert (Gil) Perron is an integral part of Nosh Safety, serving as a head instructor for many years. With over 15 years of experience in first aid instruction, Gil's expertise extends to his roles as a teacher at both the High School and University levels. A graduate in agriculture from the University of Manitoba and education and history from the University of Saskatchewan, Gil is well-equipped to meet diverse first aid training needs. His enthusiastic approach, coupled with his extensive educational background, ensures an enjoyable and successful learning experience for all students.

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Dean Jetten

Dean Jetten has been a valued member of NOSH Safety for the past 8 years. With 37 years of experience in the construction industry, Dean has amassed a wealth of knowledge, transitioning from a Heavy-duty mechanic to an operations Manager. His responsibilities include overseeing the development, implementation, and administration of job-related safety requirements. Dean's commitment to family, demonstrated through 30 years of marriage to his wife LeeAnne and active involvement in coaching his sons Taylor and Braydon in minor hockey, underscores his understanding of the importance of safety in both personal and professional spheres. Dean looks forward to sharing his expertise and enhancing your workforce's first aid skills through practical, scenario-based training.


Graeme Bowden

Graeme Bowden brings 25 years of experience as a retail consultant in the franchise business to Nosh Safety. His expertise lies in building positive business relationships and effectively communicating material to diverse audiences. Graeme's unwavering focus and dedication, exemplified by his completion of the Ironman competition nine times, resonate in his professional endeavors. Married for 25 years to his wife Barbie, with two adult children, Graeme brings a wealth of life experience to his role at Nosh Safety. He is enthusiastic about contributing to the expansion of the company and ensuring a memorable first aid training experience for all participants.



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Kelly brings over 20 years of invaluable experience as a Registered Nurse to Nosh Safety. Her background in Public Health encompasses various leadership roles and responsibilities, showcasing her expertise in the field. Prior to her nursing career, Kelly served as an office manager for a bustling Southern Alberta company. In this role, she oversaw a wide range of customer service duties, including invoicing, product quotes, and day-to-day office management tasks. Kelly's experience in office management provided her with a deep understanding of organizational efficiency and client relations. Her ability to multitask, prioritize, and maintain meticulous attention to detail ensures smooth operations and excellent customer service at Nosh Safety. Kelly's commitment to excellence and her dedication to delivering high-quality training experiences make her an invaluable member of the Nosh Safety team.

Lethbridge First Aid

Alexa Pytlarz

Alexa has currently been working at Nosh Safety for two years, where she creates all the content for Nosh Safety's Instagram and Facebook. She has built an online presence for Nosh Safety by designing their website and offering tech support for all their digital needs. Her love of technology and graphic design has allowed her to start her own small business where she designs and maintains websites. Alexa is currently studying at the University of Alberta, where she is also a part of a volunteer club, Circle K International. This year Alexa has been elected to be editor of the club. In this position she updates the Circle K website consistently and expands Circle K’s digital platform by creating unique content for their Instagram and Facebook.



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Nolan Jetten, a dedicated first aid instructor at Nosh Safety, combines his academic background in education with years of teaching experience to deliver engaging and effective training sessions. With two and a half years of studying education at the University of Lethbridge, Nolan has honed unique teaching techniques that cater to diverse learning styles. His recent participation in the 2022 Spartan Trifecta World Championship in Greece underscores his commitment to health and wellness, qualities he seeks to instill in his students. Nolan is dedicated to creating a welcoming and nurturing environment at Nosh Safety, where individuals of all backgrounds can develop essential lifesaving skills.


Kevin Kinahan

Kevin Kinahan brings 32 years of teaching experience, including 21 years in administration, to the Nosh Safety team. A proud alumnus of both the Lethbridge College and the University of Lethbridge, Kevin discovered his passion for teaching early in his academic journey. Having played and coached various sports, Kevin recognizes the paramount importance of first aid training. His dedication to education, coupled with his personal experiences, enriches the learning environment for students of all ages. Kevin eagerly anticipates the opportunity to continue his teaching journey with NOSH Safety, bringing his wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to every classroom.

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First Aid courses Lethbridge


"I retake this course every year, not because I have to but because I enjoy how Rob, Gill and Dean teach it!”


“Best class, not just first aid, that I have ever taken!”


“The reason I love taking first aid from Nosh Safety is because Rob, Gil and Dean keep it engaging, relevant and practical.”

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