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Blended IFA Course (Level C CPR/AED) - October 12023 9-4:30 pm

RECERT IFA Course (Level C CPR/AED) - October 62023 9-4:30 pm

RECERT IFA Course (Level C CPR/AED) - October 212023 8-4 pm

Blended IFA Course (Level C CPR/AED) - October 272023 8-4 pm

Blended IFA Course (Level C CPR/AED) - October 282023 8-4 pm

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Covid Update 

first aid courses lethbridge

Effective immediately as of January 1, 2023 until further notice

In order to make everyone comfortable, the following precautions are still in place:  


  • Masking will be supported 

  • All participants will get their own training equipment

If you require further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at


To book a course email us


INTERMEDIATE First Aid Recertification

BASIC First Aid

Fentanyl and Opiod First Aid


Dental First Aid and or CPR

Level C CPR AED 


Important: Course Name Changes 

As of March 31, 2023, all first aid course names have been updated and changed to comply with NEW naming conventions in CA Standard Z1210-17 (R2021).

Current Course Name
New Course Name
Standard First Aid Recertification
Intermediate First Aid Recertification
Standard First Aid
Intermediate First Aid
Emergency First Aid
Basic First Aid
Occupational Standard First Aid - Blended
Intermediate First Aid - Blended
Occupational Emergency First Aid - Blended
Basic First Aid - Blended
first aid courses lethbridge
Meet the team
First Aid Lethbridge

Meet The Team

Rob Jetten first aid instructor

Rob Jetten

Rob Jetten is the owner and head instructor with NOSH Safety. With 20 plus years of first aid instruction, he brings a wide gamut of knowledge and expertise pertaining to the field of first aid.  He obtained an education degree with distinction from the University of Lethbridge, and has been teaching Biology at the high school level for the past 30 years.  His teaching style can best be described as “engaging”.  He has been nominated for several teaching awards, including most recently being selected as a semifinalist for Alberta Teacher of the Year.  The students he had the pleasure of teaching continually attest to his dedication and commitment to their success.  His number one priority is spending quality time with his two boys Nolan and Shaun and his wife Kelly. He is steadfast in his personal physical fitness program, having competed in numerous Ironman Traithlons. He is always receptive to first aid inquiries, and looks forward to serving you to the best of his ability.

Gil Perrron first aid instructor

Gil Perron

Gilbert (Gil) Perron is actively involved in Nosh Safety as a head instructor and has been for many years. In addition to 15 years experience as an instructor of first aid courses, Gil is an experienced teacher at the High School and University levels.  Gil also assists in all other facets of the business. A graduate from the University of Manitoba (agriculture), and University of Saskatchewan (education and history) Gil is well suited to help you in all of your first aid needs.  With his enthusiastic approach and the above mentioned assets, Gil has the tools, knowledge and experience to provide students with an enjoyable and successful learning experience.

NEW DEAN_edited.jpg

Dean Jetten

Dean Jetten has been with NOSH Safety for the past 8 years. Being employed in the construction industry for the past 37 years has allowed Dean to gain a wealth of knowledge both in the field as a Heavy-duty mechanic and more recently as an Operations Manager making him responsible for the development, implementation, and administration of all job-related safety requirements. Married for 30 years to his wife LeeAnne and had the opportunity to coach their boys Taylor and Braydon throughout their time in minor hockey. Dean recognizes the importance of family time as well as the importance first aid and safety play in today’s fast paced work environment and personal life. He is very excited and enthused to have an opportunity to share his knowledge and experience with the valuable members of your work force. Dean looks forward to sharing time with you while enhancing your first aid skills through informative, practical, scenario-based training.


Graeme Bowden

Graeme Bowden has been in a retail consultant in the franchise business for the past 25 years. Graeme has extensive knowledge in building positive business relationships and enjoys being able to effectively communicate material to an audience in a productive manner. Graeme is happily married to his wife Barbie for 25 years and has two adult children.  Personally he has completed and finished the Ironman competition 9 times and is in the process of training for his tenth. Graeme brings this incredible focus and dedication to everything he does. He  currently resides in Edmonton and is looking forward to help expand Nosh Safety and make your first aid class a memorable experience.



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Kelly has been a Registered Nurse in the Public Health field for the last 15 years, where she has been involved in organizing and leading Influenza Clinics, CDC Follow-up, Maternal/Newborn follow-up and the administration of vaccines. Kelly’s extensive knowledge in nursing practice and patient care is expanding the assets of Nosh Safety. Not only is Kelly well versed in the first aid world, she also has received recognition from the University of Lethbridge, for her outstanding contribution to the education of nursing students. Kelly’s caring personality, mixed with her expert ability to communicate and teach, makes her a valued member of Nosh Safety. 

Lethbridge First Aid

Alexa Pytlarz

Alexa has currently been working at Nosh Safety for two years, where she creates all the content for Nosh Safety's Instagram and Facebook. She has built an online presence for Nosh Safety by designing their website and offering tech support for all their digital needs. Her love of technology and graphic design has allowed her to start her own small business where she designs and maintains websites. Alexa is currently studying at the University of Alberta, where she is also a part of a volunteer club, Circle K International. This year Alexa has been elected to be editor of the club. In this position she updates the Circle K website consistently and expands Circle K’s digital platform by creating unique content for their Instagram and Facebook.



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Nolan Jetten has been working with Nosh safety for several years as a first aid instructor. Nolan has spent two and a half years at the University of Lethbridge studying education. He has gained a number of unique teaching techniques through his education that are an asset to his role at NOSH Safety. He can effectively teach students how to master and memorize important lifesaving skills while working with students of all ages. Recently Nolan competed in the 2022 Spartan Trifecta World Championship in Greece. With his experiences, Nolan is hoping to create a welcoming and healthy environment at NOSH Safety and looks forward to teaching first aid in the future. 


Kevin Kinahan

Kevin Kinahan is very excited to be joining the NOSH Safety team. Kevin brings with him 32 years of experience as a teacher with 21 years in administration. Kevin has taken First Aid training many times in his life and has never had better instructors than those at NOSH Safety. Although recently retired from teaching, Kevin still enjoys being in a classroom setting working with students or adults either subbing or teaching First Aid. Kevin grew up in Lethbridge and attended both the Lethbridge College and the University of Lethbridge, where he discovered his passion for teaching. Having played post-secondary basketball and coaching many different sports during his career, he understands the importance of first aid training. He has been married for over 30 years to his wife Christine and has three children all of whom are married. Kevin is also looking forward to being a Grandfather as soon as possible.

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First Aid courses Lethbridge


"I retake this course every year, not because I have to but because I enjoy how Rob, Gill and Dean teach it!”


“Best class, not just first aid, that I have ever taken!”


“The reason I love taking first aid from Nosh Safety is because Rob, Gil and Dean keep it engaging, relevant and practical.”

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